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Pair of tree straps - Black

Pair of tree straps - Black

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2 Straps enclosed, each strap is 1.5 m long which give you a span of 3m and are the most handy item you will find when trying to hang your hammock while camping or just wanting to relax outdoors.

Made with 100% nylon and full weather resistant.


How to use: Choose a Strong Tree or a Sturdy firmly placed object (like a veranda pole). Holding the end with the loop, wrap the Hammock Tree Strap around the pole/tree, slide the ring end through the loop and pull firmly until the strap is tight around the pole/tree. Continue wrapping the strap around the pole/tree until the appropriate length is met. To avoid the strap sliding use a half hitch around the pole/tree to make it tighter.

Once the appropriate length is reached attach the 'S' hook to hang your hammock from the ring. Repeat this procedure on a 2nd pole/tree. Hammock Tree Straps are the ultimate hammock accessory for camping, backpacking, hunting, travelling, backyards, decks and patios.

Please check the straps every 6 months. Outdoor elements like rain and sun wears the straps out.

treestraps from Maria Alicia Gambley on Vimeo.